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Automatic Type Sealing Machine-ET-9A
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-7-6197599
Fax: 886-7-6197806
Contact Person: Mr.Yip
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Model Power Weight (kg) Volume (cc) Capacity of Filling Tank Machine Size (mm)
ET-9A3 110/220 V 31 50~300 30L 1320x420x660
ET-9A10 110/220 V 35 300~1000 30L 1320x420x700
  • Speed and Capacity adjustable for quantitative filling.
  • Easy for Cleaning and Operating.
  • No skilled technique required.
  • The material mechanism is Stainless Steel quality, without any corrosion.
  • Both auto continuous filling and semi - auto pedal filling. Can be also used with automatic machines for On-line control.
  • Volume inaccuracy : 3cc
  • Two-layer's filling tank can keep both heating and thermo stating function, it is optional.
  • It can be made for the Customer's Demand.