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Auto Rotary Sealing Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-7-6197599
Fax: 886-7-6197806
Contact Person: Mr.Yip
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Model Capacity (pcs/hr) Max. Cup Size (mm) Machine Size (mm)
ET-801D4 720 220x170x120 950x950x1500
ET-801D6 800 180x150x120 950x950x1500
ET-801D8 900 170x90x100 950x950x1500
ET-802D4 1440 95x170x100 950x950x1500
ET-802D6 1600 160x75x100 950x950x1500
ET-802D8 1800 90x75x100 950x950x1500
  • PLC with Index Gear Conveyor, Inverter Speed Control and Touch Screen Operation.
  • Stainless Steel frame and Anodized Aluminum.
  • Three models for Film Feeding : Sensor, Encoder, Timer. Available for Colorful & Blank film.
  • Sealing and Boarded Cutting (Profile cut).
  • Functions additional as continuous model.
  • Interchangeable sealing tool(Sealing and base mould).
  • Smaller body but supply large capacity.