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Air Pressure Hot Stamping Machine AT-3B
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● This machine is designed for a small area of bronzing, suitable for a small tag, cosmetic compacts or hexagonal pen and toothbrush handles, brush handles, business cards....etc
● This machine does not contain table sets, small size, save the space.
● Motor speed control, time controller to control the length of the pull-foil distance.

熱盤面積 Size fo Hot Plate Φ100*100m/m 140*170m/m
電源及電熱 Power Source & Heating AC220V, 800W AC220V, 800W
溫度調節 Regulation Of Temperature 0-400℃ 0-400℃
時間控制 Time Control 0-6s 0-6s
自動卷箔 Roller Leaf Feeding Device 0.5-170m/m 0.5-170m/m
氣缸直徑 Cylinder Diameter Φ63m/m Φ63m/m
行程 Stroke 50m/m 45m/m
作業臺面積 Area of Base Plate 340*370 340*370m/m
最大壓力 Maximum Pressure 800kgs 400kgs
最大開度 Maximum Gap 240m/m 170m/m
重量 Weight 150kgs 200kgs
機械尺寸 Dimensions 530*600*1000m/m L600*W500*H700m/m