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"ROSMOULD"&“ROSPLAST” are world-class specialized trade fairs, which will take place in Russia, Moscow on June 15-27, 2016
11 years ago the idea of specialized mould trade fair in Russia was born. Nowadays ROSMOULD stands alone in Eastern Europe’s mould industry. The event is traditionally supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Association of Russian Automakers (ARA).
Along the eleven years of the fair’s existence, it has succeeded in bringing together the market leaders of 
Russian and overseas mold-making industry.
The chief objective of the Organizing Committee is to involve all types of businesses, research institutions and trade unions operating on the market of molds, die-molds and stamps. ROSMOULD is a unique fair concept that bridges the gap between industrial designers, product developers, manufacturers, suppliers and end-users. ROSMOULD shows methods for quicker, more economical and more efficient product development, which is a factor of increasing importance in meeting the demands of modern economy. The exhibition provides the participants with all necessary technical facilities and creates an atmosphere of natural and productive communication between exponents and visitors – company directors, managers, marketers, leading specialists, researchers and media representatives.

The principal subject categories of the exhibition are:

● Design and engineering  
● Metal-processing and metal-working equipment
● Simulation, prototyping
● Cutting and measurement equipment
● 3D-equipment and technologies
● Shape-generating equipment
● CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software
● Peripheral equipment, robotic devices, etc.
● Mold making and tooling
● Automation and quality control systems
● Die molds and stamps
● Normalized components, units, parts
● Metals, alloys, composites
● Cutting edge research and innovative projects

ROSPLAST-2016, one of the most prominent events in the sphere of plastic processing and plastic product manufacturing, first opened its doors to public in the year 2010 as a natural extension of another one popular project, the international fair for mould making ROSMOULD: Moulds. Die-moulds. Stamps. The two exhibitions are closely interconnected, which benefits both projects, attracting visiting professionals from a variety of industrial spheres.

ROSPLAST, focusing on the results of research and development in the field of plastics, showcases new types of products and equipment, presents cutting edge technologies of plastics production and processing and indicates new trends in the development of plastics market. The exhibition’s relevance and popularity are largely prompted by the spirit of our time: plastics and polymers, the strong, durable and visually appealing materials, are currently taking over the industrial niches that were formerly reserved for the more traditional materials – metal, wood, glass, paper and textile. The effects of the ‘plastic revolution’ are visible in all the chief production spheres, including vehicle and aircraft industries, medical equipment manufacturing, telecommunications, computer and space technologies. 
The chief objective of ROSPLAST as a demonstration facility for the latest achievements of the plastics industry is extensive coverage of basic production aspects in as many industrial spheres as possible.

The oncoming ROSPLAST-2016 exhibition will cover the following aspects of the plastics industry:

● RAW MATERIALS: polymeric gums, ingredients, plastics, foams, composites, rubbers, caoutchoucs and elastoplasts;
● SEMI-PRODUCTS: films, sheet, profiles, pipes, fibers;
● ITEMS from plastics, composite materials, combined metal-polymeric systems;
● EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGIES: machinery, facilities, lines, pilot production, innovative machines for modern fabrication methods of semi-products and items;
● MEANS OF PRODUCTION INFRASTRUCTURE: robots, chillers, ovens etc., means of logistics infrastructure;
● SYSTEMS for equipment diagnostics, means of monitoring and control;
● EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGIES for waste disposal and recycling into items;
● INTELLIGENT innovations and services, specialized printed and on-line media.

Within the framework of the fair’s extensive business program, visiting specialists will have an opportunity to attend presentations by the key players of the plastics market and to participate in the dialogue between manufacturers and consumers of products, technology and equipment.

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