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Aimplas collaborates with Solarays
Aimplas, the Technological Institute of Plastics located in Valencia, Spain, has collaborated with the company Solarays to create a new system which generates electricity from solar panels.
Aimplas states that thanks to a tracking system, the solar panel system achieves a high concentration level of solar rays and increases efficiency.
The system increases energy production in between 30% and 40% and reduces an energy bill by half. Also the company highlights that the panels do not need additional materials for setup and can be mass-produced.
“In the first place, panels in situ installation costs are considerably reduced because there is no need for either rails or support structures to attach them to the roofs. This reduces costs in materials, manpower and tasks of design to look for inclinations that optimise energy collection,” said Jaime Caselles, head of Solarays.
Serafin Garcia, head of design and injection department at Aimplas, told EPN of its contribution to the project: “The work of Aimplas has been focused on giving the assessment on the geometric definition of the different parts of the whole assembly and, after that, contributing on the production of the first functional systems (at prototype scale) to be evaluated in real tests to check its performance”.