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Negri Bossi produces press with 7,000 metric tons of clamping force

Negri Bossi SpA is rolling out the big guns – a Bi-Power injection press with 7,000 metric tons of clamping force.

That is the largest of its two-platen presses, which start at “only” 1,000 tonnes.

The massive 7,000 tonner features a special twin-barrel injection unit and a coinjection nozzle. It has a maximum shot size of 328.5 pounds.

The machine comes equipped with an automatic tie bar extraction device, to ease mold changes. The device pulls the top tie bar on the non-operator side through the fixed platen towards the injection unit.

The controller has been upgraded to the new Powerlink Ethernet-based system.

Negri Bossi will use 15 trucks to deliver the big press to a customer in Portugal, which will use it to produce large containers for the refuse, logistics and agricultural industries.