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EcoCortec develops marine degradeable film to help reduce marine debris

 Croatian specialist packaging producer EcoCortec has developed marine biodegradable film products designed to  combat the scourge of plastics packaging waste polluting the world’s oceans.

 Its “EcoOcean” flexible packaging, produced from material made with the latest biobased PHA polymer  technology, is fully marine biodegradable. The film and bags, containing 77 percent biobased content, are  targeted at markets such as cruise lines, hotels and resorts in coastal parts of Europe, as well as  environmentally sensitive areas around rivers and lakes, 


EcoCortec, based in Beli Manastir, Croatia, participated as a flexible packaging production partner in the  European “Marine Clean” project, sponsored by the CIP Eco-Innovation ProgramThe project is aimed at preventing the hazardous impact of conventional plastic materials at sea and promoting sustainability and innovative technology. A significant aspect of the scheme is to influence policy change within the European Union to minimize pollution and to develop a new technological platform for the next generation of environmentally friendly products and practices to be implemented in EU countries.

EcoOcean will biodegrade by anaerobic digestion in marine, natural soil and water environments and in domestic and municipal composting systems. It is heat and moisture resistant making it suitable for compostable bags, according to EcoCortec.

The firm is constructing a new 1,600-square-meter production hall at the Croatian facility to house three more extrusion lines and a VpCI papers confectioning line as part of a 3 million euro ($3.9 million) expansion.