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Founded in 1978, Wei Meng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading company in Raschel Knitting machine manufacturer industry in Taiwan, and we have a strong invention team and own new technology to produce a range of knitting machines and related equipment incuding onion bags making machines, knotless fishing net making machines, packing bags machines, monofilament making machines, flat yarn making machines, safety net making machines and warpping machines. Our all products have passed the rigorous testing standards, so you can buy the right product for what you want.
Fung Chang is a professional Raschel knitting machine manufacturer which found in 1963. We have plenty of experience in this field and we are proud to say that Fung Chang is the leading company in the Asia.
Everplast Machinery Co., Ltd.
Everplast Machinery was founded in 1993. In addition to Everplast Machinery, due to the rapidly expanding business, E-Plast was built at the southern part of Taiwan, Tainan, in 2008. Everplast Machinery / E-Plast are very specialized in the manufacture of the machinery equipment for producing pipes, profiles, soft pipes, door, compounding, WPC, and tooling. We provide the professional extrusion lines to our customers based on the market demand and the diversified characteristics of the resin material. Overall, Everplast Machinery / E-Plast have produced and turned out more than 1500 extrusion lines in nearly 20 years. The success of our machine lines lie in the fact that we incorporate the specific resin characteris...

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