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Issue 49
Asian Companies Step up Innovation Efforts
The growth of Chinese and other Asian companies at major shows is not news, but after spending eight days reporting on K's Asian participants, I think there is something different this time around — the Chinese and other emerging-market Asians are getting more forceful about climbing the technology ladder
Polystar Shined in K 2013
The fast-growing Taiwanese manufacturer recorded an impressive new record, selling 12 cutter-integrated recycling machines at the show alone, despite the fact that it exhibited in K for the first time. The trend of an increasing amount of order start.....
To Create a New Value of Taiwan – SHINI/ POLYSTAR/ WETEC
Business is not only about selling the product; it is more about building a good relationship with the customers. To know what customer demand is and to know what customer lack of are the key to enhance its own value. In K 2013, many companies integr.....
The Rise of Asia - KUNG HSING/ WEBCONTROL/ Everplast
In this competitive market, Asia machine keeps improving and become much more sophisticated. It is really hard to ignore the rise of Asia because of the innovation technology and high quality machines. In this K exhibition, there are 131 Taiwan exhib.....
Exclusive Interview with CLF – Moving Forward: The Road to Dream
Chuan Lih Fa makes its own advantage by cooperating with Siemens control system and using German components . Recently, Chuan Lih Fa notices the importance of the machine appearance and the vision identity and hopes to create a new value by upgrading.....
Tsung Chen Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. We are specialized in super crushing machine, plastic crusher, mixer machine, mixing machine, automatic screener, plastic recycling machine manufacturing and production. Tsung Chen applies over ...
SENCAR MACHINERY CO.,LTD was founded in 1985 as company sepcialized in producing EXTRUSION LINE and exporting whole package PP WOVEN BAG plant's equipment.<br /> After 18 years development, we have advanced technical, strict quality contr...