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Specialized manufacturer of plastic extrusion machinery in Taiwan, with an extensive machinery that includes PP / HDPE / LLDPE / LDPE mono-layer & multi-layers tubular film blown machines; all kinds of plastic waste recycling machines; PVC pipe, corrugated board machines; PP/HDPE woven sack making machines; PP/Nylon yarn making machines; casting PP/PE film making machines; PMMA/PS / ABS / PC / PP / PE sheeting machines and all kinds of extrusion turn-key machines.
Plastic Bag Machine Manufacturer
 We provide Automatic Bag Making Machine, Plastic Bag Sealing Machine, Bag Cutting Machine, Bag Side Sealing Machine and Bag Perforating Machine, etc.
An Expert of Plastic Recycling Machine
The company is best known for its 3-in-1 recycling machine model HNT-V, which is widely used by today's industrial leaders worldwide.
Taipeiplas2012 Pre-Exhibition Interview Series –YE I Machinery
YE I has always been active on R&D and making investment on high end processing equipment. Over 50 year history since established, YE I Machinery is already a well-known brand in Taiwan plastic & rubber industry. With the attitude of constant improvement in this fast-changing market, YE I is the one always striving forward with firm steps.
Vertical Plastic Rubber Phenolic Injection Molding Machine
This vertical injection molding is specially invented and designed for plug inner frame production. Through multiple station manufacturing process and accurate operation, the finished product are durable and in good shape.
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