Toggle Outward Injection Molding Machine E Series

Classification : Injection Molding Machines


Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Jack Lin
● Wider square space between tie-bars can accommodate bigger mold than traditional models do, facilitating the mounting of the mold. 
● Automatic adjustment of the mould thickness is done via super gears for all models without the trouble of chains' failure. 
● Reducing-footprint double clamping cylinders can shorten the machine length by 10% and perform mold-opening & closing at high speed without use of the differential circuit function. 
● Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic, preventing the operator from injury. 
● The double displacement pumps can save energy, raise the efficiency, increase the melting rate and shorten the cycle time, suitable for any kind of precision molding. 
● Japanese-made NH48MV alloy steel combined with specially designing and machining strengthens the tie-bars rigidity and greatly prolongs the service life. 
● With help of Pro-E stress analysis, all the platens feature high rigidity, less stress centralization and long service life. 
● Wear-resistant alloy steel bushings matched with auto central lubrication system ensures each moving parts' long service life 
● The robust square steel pipe is mainly welded to construct the machine bed, featuring the optimum alignment between the clamping and injection units and reducing the vibration and noise during operation. 
● Injection unit with self-lubricant copper shoes sliding on the non-deflection carriage ensures the parallel and precision of the screw and the barrel. 
● Japanese-made STAR ES-650 Controller. Quick and simple to call up the program to the LCD display for modification. 
● Anti-splashing safety guard for nozzle.