Toggle Inward Injection Molding Machine CNT Series

Classification : Injection Molding Machines


Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Jack Lin
● Energy saving, high efficiency and low noise.
● CNT Series use Japan YUKEN vane pump with small model using double pumps and big model using multiple pumps. It creates low oil temperature, stability, energy saving, low breakdown, low noise and saves power of about 30%.
● Triple safety devices (mechanical, electrical, hydraulical) make sure the safety of operation.
● Melt-resin anti-splashing cover.
● The machine moving areas are fitted with Japan self-lubricating bushings embedded with solid lubricant.
● The machine moving area, some parts are fitted with ball bearings, increasing force area and decreasing friction.
● Through computer analysis, successfully invent high efficiency, high accuracy, and robust toggle mechanism. This makes toggle space of clamping unit reduced, longer daylight and mold opening stroke maximized.
● Using high response solenoid valves, quick time response.
● Using import potentiometer, position calculation is accuracy.
● Screw section is alloy steel and nitriding. It’s robust and ductibility is increased.
● Tie bars are imported from Japan, the NH48MV special steel accompanied with special screw thread design avoids the breaking of Tie bars.
● To avoid the deformation of traditional sliding rods type, we developed sliding plate of carriage with front pulling cylinder, ensuring the parallel between injection carriage and barrel. The screw is never tilted.
● Every machine is assembled with special skill and adjustment. The life span is long and is good for mold that will reduce repair.
● Japan ES-650 micro-computer controller is easy for amending the programs on the machine which will erase a lot of programming time. It also can be customized for special mold design. Besides, ES-650 has mold temperature control device, it can save the cost for purchasing additional mold temperature controller.